Aug 7, 2021

VITTY: VIT Timetable App

VITTY: VIT Timetable App

About the Project

VITTY is an Android app designed to make the lives of VIT (Vellore Institute of Technology) students more convenient. With the app, students can effortlessly access their timetables, receive timely notifications, and efficiently navigate to their classes. This project offers a simplified interface, home screen widgets, and the added convenience of keeping track of their class schedules. Catering the needs of over 25,000 users, VITTY has made class management more accessible and user-friendly, ensuring that students are always well-informed about their upcoming classes.

Key Features

  • Timetable View: Offers a simplified interface for students to view their timetables with ease.
  • Notifications: Keeps students informed with timely notifications for upcoming classes and events.
  • Home Screen Widgets: Enhances convenience with home screen widgets that display class schedules at a glance.

Technologies Used