May 21, 2022

Clumos: Club Management Portal

Clumos: Club Management Portal

About the Project

Clumos is your one-stop solution for effective club management. It's designed to empower club boards with the tools they need to efficiently oversee and organize club activities. From tracking projects and events to communicating with club members, Clumos offers a comprehensive suite of features to simplify club operations with features like project and events tracker, an announcement system, video calling capabilities, a milestone tracker, messaging system, and much more. Clumos brings together all the essential functionalities to streamline club administration and improve member engagement.

Key Features

  • Projects and Events Tracker: Keep organized records of club projects and events for better planning and execution.
  • Announcement System: Share important club updates, news, and announcements with all members effortlessly.
  • Video Calling: Facilitate virtual meetings and collaboration through integrated video calling features.
  • Milestone Tracker: Set and monitor milestones for your club's initiatives and projects, ensuring progress and accountability.
  • Messaging System: Promote communication among club members and enhance engagement with a dedicated messaging system.

Technologies Used