Mar 4, 2023

Check In/Out

Check In/Out

About the Project

Check In/Out is a versatile application designed to streamline event management, particularly for large gatherings. This application, which made its debut at WomenTechies'23, offers a plethora of useful features to enhance the event experience. From keeping track of total participant counts to monitoring the number of people inside and outside the hall, to facilitating team tracking and detailed event logs, Check In/Out simplifies event logistics and ensures a smoother event execution. This application was used in WomenTechies'23.

Key Features

  • Total Participants Count: Keep tabs on the total number of event attendees for better planning and organization.
  • People Inside and Outside the Hall: Easily monitor the headcount within the venue to maintain safety and comfort.
  • Teams Tracking: Effortlessly manage and track teams attending the event.
  • Logs: Comprehensive event logs provide valuable insights and historical data for post-event analysis.

Technologies Used