Nov 1, 2022

Blood Bank Monitoring System

Blood Bank Monitoring System

About the Project

The Blood Bank Monitoring System is an IoT device created using NodeMCU and DHT11 sensors, designed to safeguard the integrity of blood storage by continuously monitoring temperature levels. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the medical field faced numerous challenges, including limited staff availability and the need for innovative solutions to maintain the safety and quality of blood supplies. Our project addresses these challenges by introducing an IoT-based system that keeps a vigilant eye on blood temperatures. Blood, being highly sensitive to temperature fluctuations, can become contaminated if not stored at the right conditions. To prevent this, we employ a blood-like liquid for testing, simulating the real-world blood storage scenario. Temperature data from these simulations are periodically transmitted to a central server, enabling timely notifications and actions to maintain the quality of stored blood.

Key Features

  • IoT Integration: The project incorporates IoT technology to remotely monitor blood temperature, ensuring real-time data collection and analysis.
  • NodeMCU and DHT11 Sensors: NodeMCU microcontrollers and DHT11 sensors are the core components for precise temperature monitoring and data transmission.
  • Blood-Like Liquid Simulation: The use of a liquid with properties similar to blood offers a realistic testing environment.
  • Notification System: The system provides timely alerts, allowing for appropriate actions in response to temperature anomalies.

Technologies Used