Nov 10, 2022

Automatic Traffic System

Automatic Traffic System

About the Project

The Automatic Traffic System is a cutting-edge solution for the challenges faced by traditional traffic control systems in metro cities of India. Conventional traffic signal timers often lead to inefficiencies due to fixed time intervals for switching traffic directions, regardless of the actual traffic density. Our project leverages the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Arduino to create a dynamic traffic control system. By incorporating sound sensors capable of detecting sound wavelengths and frequencies, the system adapts to real-time traffic conditions. For instance, when an ambulance approaches, the traffic signal can be smartly set to green to facilitate its swift journey to the hospital.

Key Features

  • IoT Integration: The project utilizes IoT technology to connect traffic management components for real-time data exchange and decision-making.
  • Arduino-Based Control: Arduino microcontrollers serve as the brain of the system, allowing for precise control and responsiveness.
  • Sound Sensors: Sound sensors play a crucial role in detecting emergency vehicles and triggering adaptive traffic signal changes.
  • Efficiency Enhancement: The system aims to greatly improve traffic control efficiency by responding to actual traffic density and emergency situations.

Technologies Used


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